Youth Department

YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL Each Sunday morning, children get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child gets to participate and learn. Children learn who Jesus is, how to follow Him, and be excited to serve Him. Each teacher is dedicated to teaching God’s Word to meet the students where they are in their spiritual growth.

Staff: Frances Davenport, Lenora Dugas, Diane Spurlin,  Staff Assistants: Brandi Bailey, Kennedy Robinson & Courtné Smith 
Children’s Church provides an interactive worship experience for children ages 5 – 12, and is held on the 3rd and 4th Sundays. Students will experience games, music, and Bible lessons that connect them with the Good News of Jesus Christ in a fun and exciting way! It is our goal to provide a quality Christian foundation for our children in a loving, caring, fun, and Godly environment
3rd Sunday
– Sis. Spurlin coordinates “Movie Sunday Service” with morning devotion and an appropriate kid friendly movie.  The movie provides and promotes character while being entertaining as well.
4th Sunday
– Sis. Dugas and Sis. Davenport, teach the assigned lesson with appropriate devotional time and learning activities which make the lesson more memorable.
Cash incentives are awarded at the end of each school semester to youths who meet the guidelines for academic excellence and who actively participate in youth auxiliaries and Sunday School. 


Staff: Connie Oden, Lydia Smith
The St. Mark Youth Usher Board s is made up of Christian young men and women who desire to serve God’s Kingdom, and the church family. This Ministry is responsible for greeting and assisting all who come through St. Mark’s door by helping them locate a seat and make sure they are comfortable as possible. St. Mark Ushers take pride in their ministry because we are the doorkeepers of the Lord’s House and often the first point of contact. The Youth Ushers are dedicated to representing the Lord at their best. We are always looking for additional Ushers.
Annually St. Mark’s Youth Department hosts June Youth Month, which includes a three-day Youth Revival, Back to School events, outings such as kite flying, movie days, an Attitude of Gratitude service day, community clean-ups and many more activities.
YOUTH STAFF: Deacon Lee Ware, Frances Davenport, Lenora Dugas, Connie Oden, Christi Robinson and Diane Spurlin